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Words words words

Inhilation of microcosm

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Totally gonna edit this.

angst, aperture4life, axl is for cthulhu, axl is for porn, big pimpin', combine soldiers fly far, comics, deadpool, fate/stay night, fsking spies, gar for deadpool, gar for house, go away sudoku, goggle sex, gyakuten saiban, house, kenya, kick logic to curb, nextwave, not norway, phoenix wright, piercing heavens, powerthirst, proper party position, ragdoll physics ftw, rider, role playing, santa!metal gear, skreeonk, sleep, tentacle brain raped, thecakeisalie, touching is good, universe shurikens, video games, weighted companion cube t_t, writing, wwbd, wwcd, wwopd, you just lost the game, zetsubou